Why join?

Participation in CWIPP is open to any employer who has a collective bargaining agreement with a CLC-affiliated union. But why join? It's all about simplicity and cost efficiency.

The costs of setting up, funding and administering a conventional plan can be out of reach for many employers. The Canada-Wide Industrial Pension Plan (CWIPP) offers a cost-effective solution that makes it possible.

Designed with small and medium-sized employers in mind, CWIPP offers the following advantages:

  • member contributions (if agreed to by the union and employer)
  • no commissions or agents fees
  • a single employer contribution rate for both benefit and administrative expenses
  • past service credits for members (if requested)
  • meaningful plan features
  • acceptance of assets from existing non-contributory plans
  • low-cost centralized administration
  • professional investment management.

Day-to-day plan administration – including record keeping, benefit calculations, communications and government filings – is handled by the Plan Administrator. That means less work for participating employers and unions, giving them more time to focus on what they do best.